New Home Builders in Cobham
Popular Uses for Loft Conversions

Property extensions, building renovations and loft conversions improve the home in different ways. Despite their differences, they all add value, make the house a better place to live and support your family in whatever they choose to do. As new home builders, JMD Property Solutions Ltd crafts the living spaces you need and can suggest ways to make the house itself more efficient. Whether you’re in Cobham or the surrounding areas, we’ll be thrilled to perform a free survey along with a free quotation for the upcoming work.

Here we look at what loft conversions can achieve based on your personal goals or unique family situation.

A Place to Work From Home

What was once a privilege has now become common for homeowners in the Cobham area. No longer shackled to the office, many of us now do our best work from the comfort of the home. That said, you may find it too distracting without the ideal setup. Property extensions and loft conversions can provide you with the perfect office, enabling greater efficiency to impress your boss and clients alike.

A Gaming Area / Chillout Room

An excellent choice for families with grown children, a gaming room can include a sofa, TV, consoles and a wide selection of board games. You might even include a pool table if you have enough space. As new home builders with a passion for building renovations, JMD Property Solutions Ltd can convert the loft or build property extensions to suit young adults – with inviting colour schemes and a modern atmosphere.

Alternatively, loft conversions can give you a special place where you can read, meditate or practise mindfulness after a challenging day.

The Hobby Room

We already covered gaming, but what if a member of your family enjoys arts and crafts? Be it an art project you once put on hold or a creative skill you forgot you had, ask how conversions or property extensions can renew your interests. Working across Cobham and Surrey as new home builders, we understand how to make the best use of any space. Our team can design a unique layout bespoke to your hobby, enabling you to cultivate your artistic side.

A Personal Gym / Workout Space

Most people prefer to work out in private, but few have the means to do so. Going to the gym can also be expensive, making it harder to stay committed. With loft conversions, extensions and even building renovations, you can create a special workout area to call your own. We can design a large room with laminate flooring, ideal for yoga and other disciplines, providing you with a space for personal gym equipment in the Cobham area. In this way, our new home builders increase the property value while saving you money on expensive fees.

The En-Suite or Double Bedroom

Few additions provide as much value as an extra bedroom, especially if it boasts en-suite features. It may not be as interesting as a games room or as productive as an office, but a new bedroom is still a timeless choice that offers a wide range of benefits. Friends and family will have a place to stay whenever they like, and if you live with someone who’s old or infirm, the extra bedroom can make life much easier in the longer term.

For loft conversions in Cobham from a team with experience as new home builders, reach out today on 01483 223430 or 07702 277405.