Building Renovations in Farnham
Signs You Could Benefit From Property Extensions or Renovation Work

Time can play havoc with your property, as can bad weather and daily wear and tear. This can leave the house or workplace looking uncared for, resulting in the need for extensive building renovations. However, it’s not always just about restoring your estate to its original condition. At JMD Property Solutions Ltd, we perform loft conversions and erect property extensions across Farnham and the neighbouring Surrey areas – helping clients maximise the potential of the spaces they own.

Our new home builders can recognise the need for professional care and will work to ensure high standards. Below, we run through a handful of reasons to give us a call. As always, we’re happy to bring you to a previous project and provide a free, written quotation.

A Cluttered Lifestyle – Too many items in the house can leave the property in Farnham or the surrounding areas feeling congested. While it may be smart to clear these out, property extensions can add extra storage or even serve as a utility room where you can squirrel them away. This can free up essential living spaces such as the kitchen, giving you more room to cook in peace. 

A New Family Member – Loft conversions can form additional bedrooms. If your kids would like separate rooms or you have a new family member coming, it’s a good idea to plan the space accordingly. As new home builders, we manage the necessary property extensions or conversions for you – making room for the family to reduce frustration. This also provides greater privacy.

Cosmetic Issues – Are you growing less fond of your household colours? Perhaps you’ve seen open-plan designs and want to break through an existing wall. Building renovations and refurbishments can transform the living area in a certain style, such as rustic and cosy or sleek and modern. If you’d like a blend of both for an inspired environment, JMD Property Solutions Ltd calls on the best designers serving the Farnham area.

Structural Damage – It only takes a leak in the roof to cause dampness, wood rot and other problems. Ceiling issues will rightly cause concern, as will a loss of mortar in the brickwork. In addition, your home may suffer from electrical issues. Due to the need to comply with today’s legislation for safety reasons, be sure to call new home builders with the right qualifications. Rest assured, we only send experienced tradespeople for loft conversions and other improvement projects. 

Thermal Loss – Do you know the rating of your Farnham or Surrey windows? New A-rated boilers and windows can make a real difference to your comfort levels in the winter. New boilers from Worcester Bosch, especially those rated A for efficiency, can prove more than 90 per cent efficient – meaning huge gains over previous models. So when undertaking building renovations, loft conversions or property extensions, we can install new windows, doors and heating systems that save you money over the year.

Landscape Trouble – Although renovations focus on the property itself, we understand that a landscape should look just as good. For this reason, we can replace your damaged patio or lay block paving, tarmac or gravel for a gorgeous driveway. To finish, our team is on hand to install fencing in a range of styles and build retaining walls for a more attractive outdoor space.

Call 01483 223430 or 07702 277405 when it’s time to improve your home in the Farnham area through property extensions or building renovations.