Property Extensions in Godalming
Loft Conversions, Extensions and Building Renovations – What’s the Difference?

Are you more than a little confused about home improvements? This is natural, especially given the many options. The ideal solution for one house might not suit another, and there’s only so much you can do by looking things up online. At JMD Property Solutions Ltd, we serve as new home builders and often specialise in building renovations, loft conversions and property extensions. Our team will survey your home in the Godalming area, assess feasibility and manage the project from the outset. Additionally, we’ll be happy to suggest improvements given your budget and situation.

Read on to learn how extensions, renovations and conversions differ.

Property Extensions

Moving away is a challenging process, but it can feel like the only option when you need more space. This is where extending proves so invaluable. Not only do extensions add to the floor space, but they also come at a cost-effective rate and provide a high rate of return (ROI) if you choose to move later.

  • Rear-facing extensions can form a garden-like environment
  • Side property extensions take from the rarely used alley
  • More projects than ever fall under permitted development
  • You could add a utility room with a washer-dryer combo
  • Add as much as twenty per cent more to its market value
  • It’s a great way of making the kitchen more functional

Some homeowners around Godalming think that extending would take from the garden, and to some degree, that’s true. However, with the right lounge, study or sunroom, you might get to enjoy a bright and sunny environment more often than before.

Loft Conversions

Building renovations and loft conversions rejuvenate certain parts of the home instead of adding to it, but they still demand a skilled team of new home builders. Attic conversions come in four main styles – rooflight, dormer, mansard and hip-to-gable. We can suggest the right one for your property.

  • Rooflight conversions add Velux windows at an affordable cost
  • Dormers achieve a good amount of space and are the most popular
  • Mansards gain the most but tend to need planning permission
  • Hip-to-gable loft conversions are suitable for attics with sloping roofs
  • Like property extensions, a conversion will add to the resale value
  • Converting won’t take space away from your outdoor landscape

If you live around Godalming and have a tight budget, our team can perform rooflight installations with all changes needed for a modern room. This can form the ideal bedroom, office or reading area with minimal structural changes.

Building Renovations

When your house appears dilapidated, rundown or suffers from either structural or cosmetic problems, it’s time to call in the new home builders. Renovating gets rid of those garish colours and broken fixtures, allowing you to enjoy a fresher space that holds its style in the coming years.

  • Building renovations bring your chosen spaces up to code
  • You can update any room with partial renovations
  • Full renovations apply to the entire property
  • Kitchen remodelling is often a preferred choice
  • You can knock through a wall for open-plan living
  • Renovations can also transform your exterior landscape

For extra clarity, remember that renovations will modernise your home in the Godalming area, while extensions add to it. Loft conversions, on the other hand, turn forgotten environments into warm, comfortable and attractive spaces.

For property extensions, loft conversions or building renovations in the areas near Godalming, dial 01483 223430 or 07702 277405.