New Home Builders in Guildford
Choosing the Right Team for Your Property Extensions and Building Renovations

It can be difficult choosing between local builders. After all, you might prefer to look at new home builders who serve as property developers, with all tasks arranged on your behalf. With so many teams vying for attention, both online and in print, the selection process can take time and cause a degree of stress. Whether you need property extensions, loft conversions or building renovations and live in the Guildford area, follow our guide below to find the best construction firm available.

Look Through Their Website

In today’s world, builders can’t just put an advert in the paper and expect to make an impact. Instead, things have moved online, and it’s important they accommodate this change. By looking at their website, you can better understand their core values (such as a friendly service or no hidden fees) and any unique service benefits like the ability to work weekends to get the job done. If they have a gallery, you’ll be able to view examples of what they do and gain inspiration for your property in the Guildford area.

Ask for Multiple Quotations / Estimates

You might already have a feeling about one team of new home builders over another, but it’s still worth asking for numerous quotes. Usually, a total of three is enough. Remember to focus on what you believe is fair. If the price is too high, then you may need to think about the budget. Too long, and they might be cutting corners. Ensure that they include materials within the quote and are upfront about how long they expect your property extensions, loft conversions or building renovations to take.

Ask for a Tour of Previous Projects

This is a good way of weeding out the wrong kind of builders early on. Taking you on a tour of completed jobs shows they make time for their customers and are proud of their accomplishments. At JMD Property Solutions Ltd, we often bring customers around Guildford to see examples first-hand before applying our skills to their homes or commercial improvement projects.

Insurance, Qualifications and Guarantees

Do you want uninsured staff to work on your property? It’s better to hire a fully insured team because it reduces risk and shows they work to a certain standard. Likewise, you’d never ask an unqualified doctor to provide health advice, so apply that same mentality towards your home in Guildford or the surrounding areas. Satisfaction guarantees are also essential for peace of mind, whether you’ve decided to add space with property extensions or loft conversions or wish to improve your lifestyle through building renovations.

Check Their Experience

Even a small, family-run company of new home builders should advertise their years on the job. A lack of experience can sometimes mean a lack of knowledge, while years served can suggest a better reputation and the ability to see solutions instead of problems. By checking their combined experience level, you can see whether a team can handle the challenge of loft conversions, building renovations or property extensions.

At JMD Property Solutions Ltd, we have more than three full decades of shared experience. Without hidden extras to worry about and great communication, our experts are always ready to push for excellence – updating, modernising and extend properties with the utmost care.

Call the new home builders in Guildford on 01483 223430 or 07702 277405. We can make your dreams come true with property extensions, building renovations and more.